Authorized Retailers

LIFEGUARD® is a federal trademark. LIFEGUARD® apparel which is sold online and in stores, must be officially licensed with halograms and registered trademark symbols on all items. POPULARITY PRODUCTS LLC., is the only authorized licensee of LIFEGUARD® branded apparel which has the rights to produce, market, sell and distribute. 

POPULARITY PRODUCTS LLC. distributes Licensed LIFEGUARD® merchandise to many stores around the nation from coast to coast. Unfortunately, we do not have a store location list to provide to our customers at this time.

If you have visited a store which contains COUNTERFEIT merchandise, which means without trademark symbols and halograms, please refrain from purchasing those goods as we will not be able to honor any requests regarding the merchandise which was not provided by POPULARITY PRODUCTS LLC. You may inform us about a store which is selling counterfeit goods and our legal department will take necessary action to ensure all LIFEGUARD® products are licensed, authentic and originally provided by POPULARITY PRODUCTS LLC. 

Thank you for respecting the Trademark,

Have a great day,