Bioluminescent Lagoons

Bioluminescent Lagoons

Posted by Beach Lifeguard on 8th Jul 2014

The Lifeguard® Lifestyle is to learn new things about the interesting creations on this amazing earth. One of the most interesting things to see in the waters, are the Bioluminescent organisms which emit an amazing blue glow that can be seen at night. 

"Bioluminescence is used by dinoflagellates as a defense mechanism to escape predators. The chemical reaction that takes place in the organism is similar to the reaction in a glow stick." - Alyssa James states in her article "15 Places to See Bioluminescence." 

Having traveled to a location found on the list of 15 Places.., you may have seen the bioluminescence of the sea creatures. Many of such waters contain bioluminescent creatures such as, algae, plankton, squid and other types of fish. 

"In some of the deep-sea anglerfishes the light is produced by bacteria living within special bulbous light organs. Marine bioluminescence is usually blue or green but there are variations, and a few predatory fishes have the ability both to transmit and to see red light, providing them with a private visual system for detecting prey. Light organs on 

the undersides of fishes and squids camouflage their owners against down-welling light from the surface, but some organisms’ flashing displays and spark-like luminous discharges are designed to confuse predators." - Oliver Crimmen, senior fish curator, Natural History Museum

When learning about the cool and interesting things on earth, you might have the need to go travel to these locations in order to see first-hand about these creations. Take a look at the featured articles to see more information on this topic. Be part of the Lifeguard® Lifestyle and share this with a friend.