How to buy quality clothing

Posted by Beach Lifeguard on 27th Feb 2020

When shopping online or in store, you must always be aware of what you are buying. Many times there are products that are offered to you at a high price and oftentimes at a low price. Keep in mind the price of the garment being purchase does not always explain the quality used in making the product. Some times you can find a product at a low price but made with superior quality materials than an overpriced product that is priced as such due to a brand or a demand driven price. 

Always make sure to feel the product, make sure it can wash well, see if there are product reviews so you can understand the experiences of other consumers and also check online if a better price is out there. To determine quality of clothing by feel, make sure it can withstand a stretch or a tug in a certain direction, check the seems if the stitching was done well, feel the print and try to bend the fabric to see if the print will crack.. These are a few ways to determine a quality product. How do we know? Because our brand is built on many legs and one leg stands on quality products. We back our products and ensure piece is manufactured according to consumer expectation. If not, we offer a guarantee which is rarely requested due to us using superior quality components. Many owners of Lifeguard Sweatshirts have theirs for years and love to wear it time again. This makes the Lifeguard Sweatshirt, the Iconic Lifeguard Sweatshirt which is loved by all.