Interesting Facts about Our Favorite Summer Shoe… The Flip-Flop

Posted by Beach Lifeguard on 5th Oct 2014

Flip-flops have been the favorite footwear choice for beach goers for years. The basic design of the flip-flop hasn’t changed much over the years. They are using a flat sole which is worn by sliding your toes into the thong that is attached to the sole. Today, you can find flip-flops in a multitude of designs and colors which make a favorite accessory for summer. Did we also mention that they go great with our Fold-Over Yoga Shorts?

Flip-flops first became popular in the 1950’s, although their history can be traced back to ancient Egypt. During World War II American troops stationed in Japan often brought traditional Japanese sandals, known as Kori home with them. This inspired American footwear designers to create a version of the popular sandal; little did they know they were creating a footwear trend that would last for years to come.

Manufacturers are now making flip-flops out of many different types of material from rubber to leather you can a flip-flop that you will wear all summer long. The most popular and traditional type of flip-flops are the ones that are made using polyurethane. It is not only inexpensive to manufacture, but it allows the shoe to be made in a variety of designs and colors. Because they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, you won’t feel too bad if you lose one in the sand.

For those of you who may be eco-conscious, you can easily find a pair that has been made using recycled materials. These types of flip-flops are typically made from recycled tires. There are also other designs available that have been made using recycled materials. When you’re done with your flip-flops, you can also choose to donate them.

There are many different organizations that will collect the used shoes and then recycle them into playground equipment. The flip-flop has become the shoe that is not only fun and comfortable to wear, but also something that can have a second life as a piece of playground equipment. I’m sure that when they first designed, nobody knew how popular and versatile they would become.