Save The Beaches… Take Your Trash with You

Posted by Beach Lifeguard on 28th Sep 2014

It’s easy for unnecessary trash to pile up at your favorite beaches during the summer months. There is an estimated 14 billion pounds of garbage that winds up on beaches and rivers each year. That is a lot of trash. Much of this can be recycled, if only people would pick up after themselves and place their recyclables in the proper container when they leave. Not only does this help keep the beaches clean and safe for us, it also helps protect the wildlife.

Some of the most common types of recyclable items that are left at the beach include bottles, plastic bags, rope, and fishing items. These types of items can cause harm to animals that live in the ocean and on land. It is sadly commonplace for animals to end up dying from ingesting, strangling, and becoming injured on the items that many choose to leave on the beach.

The damage that unwanted litter causes to animals and visitors to the beach, has led many cities to increase their recycling efforts. In many seaside cities, it has become a common practice to hold recycling events where citizens can volunteer. During these types of events, participants will comb the shores looking for items that do not belong and recycle or discard them in the appropriate manner.

If you spend a lot of time enjoying the sand and surf, why not give back and volunteer at an event in your city. Environmental organizations are always looking for volunteers who care as much about the beach and wildlife as they do. If you’re interested in participating in an event in your area, you can contact any environmental organization to find out when their next event will be taking place.

Help keep the beach safe for humans and animals alike, clean up after yourself and properly dispose of any litter in the appropriate manner. This simple act can help prevent injury and death to so many animals that rely on the ocean and beach to live.