Ladies West Coast Hoodie

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Officially Licensed Lifeguard Hoodie Sweatshirt. This print is unique to the Lifeguard lifestyle and is always a preferred item. Increased size of city name for true representation of your local beach. "California" printed on both sleeves. Hood and Chest printed with LIFEGUARD®

  • First-Quality Fabric Blend
  • 80% Cotton 20% Polyester
  • Unique Arched Design
  • Designed in Brooklyn
  • Made in Pakistan
Respect your beach, Wear Lifeguard®.

Custom name gets printed back of hoodie underneath the hood when folded down, in order to prevent covering of name. 

Location gets printed in front underneath the cross.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please allow up to one business day for processing, with all orders including location and custom name requests 

*Disclaimer: The West Coast Hoodie's sleeve contains the word "California" on the sleeve, not "Lifeguard".  Any returns regarding the sleeve wording will not be honored.