Lifeguard Unisex Diabetic Crew Socks (3 Pairs)

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Podiatrist Approved Therapeutic Diabetic Socks recommended for Circulatory Problems, Diabetes, Edema, Neuropathy. Diabetic Socks provide a relaxed fit that is easy to pull on and off. 

MATERIAL:  80% Cotton  15% Polyester  5% Spandex Loose fit reduces constriction around the leg and diminishes likelihood of rings. Sock design contains pure moisture wicking cotton to keep you dry and on your feet all day. 




Wearing socks designed for diabetics will reduce the chances of injury to your feet by keeping them dry and providing a less constricting fit for uninterrupted blood circulation. This is achieved by not using elastic like regular socks. By wearing these socks you will have little to no swelling of the feet while still providing a soft high quality feel. Not to mention you will look good in them too with 3 different colors to coordinate with your outfit of the day.
  • Sold in Mens Sizes, Unisex Fit & Design
  • Podiatrist Approved Therapeutic
  • Aids in Circulation
  • Extra stretch top
  • Moisture Wicking Pure Cotton
  • Available in White, Black and Heather Grey
  • 1 Year Quality Guarantee 
  • Machine wash cold, line dry
  • Eliminates pressure forming points

MATERIAL:  80% Cotton  15% Polyester  5% Spandex